House Style
Based on the English shoe making obtained through training, it is a house style based on the shape of boots made by studying old literature.


Bespoke uses oak bark from J&FJ Baker, a long-established British tanner, for all materials other than uppers, including invisible parts such as core materials. In the case of MTO, it is possible to select Baker's sole and heel by up-charge.


We purchase upper leather from overseas suppliers that are durable, high quality and can be used for a long time. For bespoke, choose from a large number of swatches for your favorite leather. We recommend a wide variety of grain leathers and British waxed calfs.

The icon
When ordering country boots, you can embroider the motif of the needle (fly) used in fly fishing as an icon of our workshop. You can also choose the color of the stitch.

Double cap
Double leather is recommended if you choose a design with a cap on the toes. This is a classic handmade design, and it can further improve the strength of the shoe and help protect the foot from obstacles.

Sole & Stitch
We propose the specifications of the sole according to the style that the customer wants, such as a robust double sole that suits the country, a thick single 5/16 inch sole that returns well, and a dress specification 1/4 inch sole. The thread for sewing the sole and welt is made by infiltrating Irish linen with wax containing beeswax and pine fat. In addition, the thickness of the thread and the pitch of the seam are changed according to the thickness of the sole.

Jug Handle
It is a strap that is useful when wearing boots with a finger caught in a field without a shoehorn. It is called a jag handle because it resembles the handle of a beer mug. In the case of bespoke, you can make it a jag handle that is right for you by adjusting it to the size that your finger just enters.

Original Boots Tree
Bespoke recommends a classic three-piece tree. The photo shows a design called beavertail because the handle resembles a beaver's tail. In addition, we manufacture brass pull ring type, brass hinge type in the case of shoes, etc. on request.