From Designer to Shoemaker

originally worked as a graphic designer at a production company, but my love of shoes increased and I started bespoke shoes.
This inspired me to move on to shoemakers because I was impressed by the process of creating shoes in their ideal shape through conversations with the craftsmen, the comfort of the finished shoes, and the culture of wearing them for decades while maintaining and repairing them.

Encounter with the best shoes
After that, I studied the basics of shoe making at a vocational school, and after graduating I studied under a shoemaker in Tokyo. I was fascinated by the beauty, manufacturing methods, materials, and tools of shoes through training, and I was fascinated by the traditional shoe making that performs all the processes by hand, so I started my activities with the aim of making the best shoes.

Thoughts on shoes
In pursuit of the country style of "hardworking and trustworthy", we always keep in mind that we make shoes that customers can use habitually for a long time. To do so, we consider the fully handmade Bespoke ideal for optimal fitting.
Shoes made with an emphasis on durable manufacturing methods, materials, and traditional designs that are not affected by fashion will slowly aging and becoming a true finished form by wearing them for a few years, and will casually reflect the owner's personality and inner surface. It also contributes to a more comfortable life as a practical tool to support the body in a day, such as a sofa or bed. We make the best shoes with the belief that they should bring satisfaction to our customers for a long time, and we deliver them to our customers.


Tetsuya Shirakashi